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International Nurseries are ready for their journeys

International Nurseries are ready for their journeys

As know, International Winter Wheat Improvement Program (IWWIP) develops Winter Facultative Wheat (WFW) germplasm and distributes nurseries, called International Nurseries (IN) to IWWIP cooperators annually. This time of the year is the busiest time for IWWIP parties, Turkey, CIMMYT and ICARDA that they together carry out the IWWIP breeding program. We fill thousands and thousands of envelopes to prepare the IN`s. 24IWWYT-IRR and 23IWWYT-SA yield trials and, 29FAWWON-IRR and 29FAWWON-SA observation nurseries are the nurseries will be distributed to more than 80 IWWIP cooperators in more than 40 countries for planting in 2021-2022 growing season.

We are very happy that IN`s will start their journeys soon to reach to IWWIP cooperators. Some will fly overseas some will go to Turkey-neighboring countries, however we know that it is a long journey, and they need to overcome not only the road distance but also many official processes before they reach to their final destinations. We wish them easy and safe trip.

We, IWWIP parties, would like to express our great appreciation to our partners for their valuable cooperation and we wish them a big success in their endeavors and productive 2021-2022 growing season.

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